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Roast Me

Roast Me Game

Roast Me Game

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The party game to roast your friends. Each game includes:

*420 Roast Cards

*70 Challenge Cards

*1 Rules Sheet (with scannable QR code that links to our “how to play” video, for the reading-averse or inebriated players)

*1 Matchbox (matches not included. Our fans cannot be trusted with fire)


Roast Me is complete with our funniest 420 pre-written roasts and 70 challenges that have been playtested in bars, office buildings, dorm rooms, house parties, and other unsafe spaces across this great nation.

Ways to Play:

Family time

Remember when families used to actually sit down at the dinner table? Well, round up mom, dad, and the whole gang to talk about why dad was late!

Work Events

Roast Me makes a terrific team-building activity! After a long day of touching base, circling back, identifying the low hanging fruit and synergies, start breaking down cultural and societal barriers in the office, the right away. Before you know it, you’ll be palling around with that guy Dale who usually only stares at you from the office water cooler!

Bible study

Who said the devout don’t have a righteous sense of humor?? Remind your fellow worshippers that freedom of religion and freedom of speech are both protected by the first amendment!

First Dates

Tired of awkward first dates? Things are sure to get hot and heavy with your new flame when you break out your huge deck.


Oops! That lady from Tinder called the cops on you because “only a serial killer would bring a card game of insults on a first date.” No worries! Just smuggle Roast Me into jail with you, so you and your new friends in D-block have a way to pass the time!

Happy Roasting!