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    Draw a card

    On each turn, one player pulls a card and reads it aloud to the group.

    Roast cards

    If you pull a roast, the group will pick the player it best fits.

    The player chosen keeps that card, and gains a point.

    Challenge cards

    If you pull a challenge, perform it correctly to keep that card, and gain a point.

    Otherwise, give up one of the cards you've earned, and lose a point.

    Winning the game

    Play continues clockwise with a new player drawing a card.

    First player to collect seven cards wins.


    More value than a discount 30-pack

    • Roasts For Every Asshole in Your Life

      Jokes that are so specific, you'll be left wondering how we could possibly know all of this stupid sh*t about your friends.

    • Jokes Battle-tested From the Bar to the Break Room

      After 3+ years of testing, only the cards that made everyone laugh hard enough to question their morality remain.

    • Challenges Only 4AM You Could Have Come Up With

      Have you ever wanted to spike that iPhone 11 out of Cassandra's petty hands? Save your strength, king. Give her a challenge card.

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