Ato (far left, no aoc)

Sporting the classic Kindergartner-who-made-a-fridge-worthy-crayola-masterpiece expression across his mug.

Ben (middle)

Looking like Zac Efron's younger brother who never made the cut for backup dancer in the High School Musical Varsity team.

Chris (far right, no MAGA)

Looking like a failed European techno DJ trying to flex his way out of his shirt and into an OnlyFans sponsorship.

Our story

Three years ago, three guys in way over their heads walked into a summer internship in NYC. They just completed a "startup bootcamp" where they were assigned to work for one startup in a larger portfolio of companies. Only one problem-- their boss for the summer just left for Cannes, France to party with Wyclef at a film festival. It's also his business partner's first day in the New York office, but it's more like a half day because he is also jumping ship as soon as possible to join the Wyclef party (duh). Before he leaves, he tells us about a card game he helped sell on Amazon for lots of money back in the day. He smiles and says "it'd be cool if you guys did something like that!" before closing the door behind him, trapping us with the realization that we will probably be fired by the week’s end.

Confused? So were we.

We sat in that cramped conference room brainstorming ideas for a game until someone eventually realized we were doing literally nothing productive for our jobs and assigned us actual work. By that time, all we had managed to figure out was that we wanted to make something called Roast Me.

We started simple-- literally just writing about the most obscenely dumb sh*t we could remember our friends doing. We'd work on it during lunch breaks, after work was done for the day, and in between our outings spending our college stipend at the fine bars of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Eventually, we took it back with us for our Senior year at UConn. We somehow managed to convince the judges of a few entrepreneurship pitch competitions to fund our game to be printed on business cards (shoutout to The Werth Institute for believing in us). We immediately gave out those decks to as many random groups of people as we could in exchange for feedback on our roasts and rules for the game.

After offending many an influencer, frat bro, nerd, and that one girl who won't stop telling you about the mission trip she took that changed her life, we were on our way to a finished product.

The truth is, if we were smart, we would've started selling this game at least a year and a half ago. But we are all stubborn perfectionists, and we've made so many versions of this game that we've lost count. After writing, workshopping, and narrowing down a pool of thousands of roasts based on the feedback from our many rounds of playtesting with as many groups of people as we could, we've got a final product that we feel confident about putting against any card game out there.

Coming into this, none of us were gigantic Not Safe For Work (NSFW) game fanatics, and Cards Against Humanity was our first introduction into this genre of games a decade ago. We became super familiar with all the games out there while doing product research, and there's a lot of great ones. But it's always been our goal to make this game into an experience, just like the roasts we've all grown to love watching on TV, and moreover just like what you're already doing with your friends naturally. All we're doing is dousing the situation in gasoline and giving you the matchbox to light sh*t up.

-The Roast Me Team

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